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Beiai Sanitary Ware

Founded in 2002, Ningbo Baiai Smart Sanitary Ware Technology Co., Ltd. is famous Wholesale Pet bathtubs Manufacturers and OEM Pet bathtubs Factory , which is located in Fenghua Economic Development Zone, Ningbo City, East China. Over the past two decades, we have always adhered to high-quality raw materials, core patent technology, international production standards, and sound after-sales services. Our products include modern domestic bathtubs, swimming pools for infants and children, outdoor/sports SPA pools, barrier-free bathtubs with steps, and steel plate joint pools. The three major brands, Baia, Probably and Babyspa, are widely acclaimed in the industry. With the design philosophy of “health, eco-friendliness, innovation and energy conservation”, Pet bathtubs wholesale aim to highlight quality sanitary ware, so that our clients can appreciate “being loved”, enjoy the bath and feel the baptism of Baia, whenever they get close to water.

Industry knowledge

What is a pet bathtub?
pet bathtub is a type of bathtub that is designed specifically for bathing pets, such as dogs and cats. Pet bathtubs typically come in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate different types and sizes of pets. They may feature a non-slip surface to prevent your pet from slipping and sliding during the bath, and some may also include a drain or a hose attachment to make it easier to wash and rinse your pet. The goal of a pet bathtub is to provide a safe, comfortable, and convenient environment for you to give your pet a bath.
What are the characteristics of pet bathtub?
Pet bathtubs typically have a number of characteristics designed to make bathing pets easier and more comfortable for both the pet and the person doing the bathing. These may include:
Size: Pet bathtubs come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different breeds and sizes of pets, from small dogs to large horses.
Non-slip surface: Many pet bathtubs have a non-slip surface to prevent pets from slipping and sliding around during the bath.
Drainage: Many pet bathtubs come with built-in drainage systems that allow for quick and easy removal of water after the bath.
Adjustable height: Some pet bathtubs are adjustable in height, allowing the person doing the bathing to work at a comfortable height.
Sprayer attachments: Some pet bathtubs come with sprayer attachments that make it easier to wet and rinse the pet, as well as control the flow of water.
Removable ramp: Some pet bathtubs have a removable ramp or steps that make it easier for pets to get in and out of the tub.
Hose hookups: Some pet bathtubs come with hose hookups for easy connection to a water supply.
Durability: Pet bathtubs are typically made from materials that are durable and long-lasting, such as stainless steel or plastic.
Easy to clean: Many pet bathtubs are designed to be easy to clean and maintain, with smooth surfaces and simple drainage systems.
These are some of the most common characteristics of pet bathtubs, but the specific features of a pet bathtub may vary depending on the manufacturer and model.
What is the structure of the pet bathtub?
The structure of a pet bathtub can vary depending on the specific model, but generally, pet bathtubs have the following components:
Base: This is the foundation of the bathtub, providing stability and support. It may be made of plastic, metal, or other materials.
Tub: This is the actual basin where the pet is bathed. It may be made of plastic, stainless steel, or other materials and is often lined with a non-slip material to keep the pet from slipping.
Drain: A drain is included in the tub to allow for easy draining and cleaning. It may be located at the bottom of the tub or on the side.
Faucet: A faucet is included in the bathtub to allow for filling the tub with water. Some models may have a hose attachment for filling the tub with a hose.
Spray Hose: Some pet bathtubs come with a spray hose attachment, which can be used to rinse the pet and wash away dirt and soap suds.
Step-in Access: Some pet bathtubs have a step-in access, which makes it easier for the pet to get into and out of the tub.
Storage: Some models have built-in storage for shampoos, towels, and other grooming supplies.
The exact structure of a pet bathtub can vary, but these are the most common components.