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5 things you must know before buying a jacuzzi

Update:09 Dec
The bathroom equipment should be in line with ergonomics and the use of space. For example, a space of 75 to 80 cm is required on both sides of the toilet, and the space in front should not be less than 120 cm. Seats in the shower are all design elements that make the bathroom space easy to use. , but practical functions can no longer satisfy modern people's desire for sound and light entertainment. Therefore, it has become a trend to install jacuzzi, TV and audio equipment in the bathroom.
The types of bathtubs can be roughly divided into general type, double bathtub, independent type, jacuzzi, etc. In addition to the well-known massage function, jacuzzi is now moving towards the trend of electronic and multi-functional, including bubbles, sound waves, Music, a safety disinfection system, and even light therapy effects. In addition, jacuzzi bathtubs also appear in the home space in the form of furniture design. Global building materials are purchased in bulk, oriental building materials network! Gradually become the focal protagonist in the space.
① The activity space should be at least 150×70 cm
You need to go in and out of the jacuzzi, so you must leave enough and spacious space to use the moving line smoothly. If the length and width cannot reach 150 x 70 cm, it is recommended not to install a jacuzzi, so as not to slip easily when entering and exiting, and enjoy the experience There is also danger.
② It is more suitable to place at the end of the moving line
If the bathroom space is small, but you want to have a jacuzzi, it is recommended to arrange the jacuzzi at the bottom of the moving line, so as not to feel oppressed by a huge object as soon as you enter the door.

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③The location with good lighting is the best
Because the pipelines of the jacuzzi are distributed at the bottom, it does not need to be placed by the wall like a washbasin. It is recommended to place it in a well-lit area, such as a waist window, where you can enjoy the scenery while taking a bath.
④Need to be placed in an independent space
The jacuzzi needs to have an independent space, especially it cannot be used together with the shower room, because the shower room is wet, which may easily cause damage to the jacuzzi motor, and there are hair clogs, etc., which is not hygienic when used.
⑤Reserve motor inspection port
The jacuzzi must reserve a motor inspection port, generally speaking, there must be a space of at least 50 x 40 cm.