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What is the choice of jacuzzi?

Update:02 Dec
Selection of cylinder block
The shape must be suitable for the bathroom, and the quality of the material can be known by looking at the glossiness of the cylinder surface. A good cylinder block has a large thickness, so the possibility of cracking in use is very small. Generally, the firmness of the cylinder body can't be detected by visual inspection. We need to try it ourselves, and stand in the bathtub to see if it feels sinking.
Classification and efficacy of sprinklers
Spray nozzles are distributed on the wall and bottom of the jacuzzi. Nozzles are roughly divided into two types: water spray and air jet. The jet nozzle itself does not produce water. It ejects air flow through air pump and pipeline to form bubbles in water for massage. Compared with the jet nozzle, the jet nozzle has stronger massage power. In order to increase the strength of the massage box, it is a common practice to install air flow in the spray nozzle. When buying, you need to know the efficacy of the sprinkler head and understand the efficacy of various combinations of sprinklers.  

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Massage system is the heart of bathtub.
This kind of bathtub must have excellent massage system. Usually, the nozzle we see is just the' appearance' of the massage system. And a series of things hidden behind the bathtub, such as pipes, motors and control boxes, are the key of the system. We laymen can't have such professional knowledge. What we can do is to see and listen. Look, the jacuzzi is more like an electrical appliance with complex functions, so we need to look at the safety certificates of electrical appliances and electrical equipment, and ask about the maintenance of after-sales machines. When the formalities are complete, we need to listen to the sound of the motor turning, connect the electricity, work according to the procedures of the jacuzzi, and listen carefully to the sound of the motor. The quieter the sound, the better. If the motor is poor, you can hear noise, even obvious noise. It's us. It's a standard for us to judge.