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How to maintain the Jacuzzi in the later stage?

Update:05 Aug
Some people say that the care of the massage bathtub after use is very troublesome, and it is not practical to wipe the bathtub after the water is discharged, it is easy to hide dirt, and it is not easy to clean. Worry for a long time, the jacuzzi has become a home decoration. Therefore, the post-maintenance of the bathtub is extremely important. Regarding the post-maintenance of the massage bathtub, the editor will give you a little TIPS:
1. The daily cleaning of the Jacuzzi can be cleaned with general liquid detergents and soft cloths, not with ketones or chlorinated water. When disinfecting, disinfectants containing formic acid and formaldehyde are prohibited.
2. If there are scratches on the surface of the bathtub, you can try to use water abrasive paper to polish it, then apply toothpaste, and polish it with a soft cloth to make it as smooth as new.
3. The scale on the surface of the bathtub can be wiped with a soft cloth after adding a mild acid detergent, such as lemon juice and vinegar.
4. Cleaning of the hydraulic friction device: fill the bathtub with 40 degrees Celsius hot water, add detergent at a dose of 2 grams per liter, start the hydromassage for about 5 minutes, stop the pump to drain, then fill up with cold water, start the hydromassage for about 3 minutes, stop the pump Drain and clean the tub.
5. If the surface of the cylinder is dirty, it can be wiped with a wet towel. This process can be repeated three times, and it can be as clean as new.
6. Do not use rough surfaces and utensils containing chemical solvents or particles to clean the surface of the cylinder.
7. Do not hit the surface of the bathtub with a hard object or a knife, and also do not allow cigarette butts or a heat source higher than 70oC to touch the surface of the bathtub.

8. After the bathtub is used, the water should be drained and the power should be disconnected.
9. When the water returner and nozzle are blocked by hair and other debris, they can be unscrewed and cleaned.
10. Gold-plated and chrome-plated parts do not need to be wiped frequently.
Summary: For a good massage bathtub, the selection of materials and functions, including later maintenance, are also extremely important. When purchasing smart products, you should also pay attention to the after-sales service guarantee! The Jacuzzi is indeed very attractive, but it is not suitable for every family. I hereby remind my friends that when choosing a product, you must choose the one that suits you best, not to be influenced by the price, and also to choose the one with better quality. Products, brands with high reputation, do not blindly choose products with multiple functions. There are not many functions, just enough! Set yourself a small goal, start with owning a Jacuzzi! ! !

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