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What is the functional difference between a spa tub and a Jacuzzi?

Update:10 Aug
First of all, there are obvious differences in the name abroad. The SPA pool is called Spas in English. The Jacuzzi is called MassageBathtubs in English. Different names cover different uses. SPA spa pool is a product used for physical therapy, relaxation and leisure. It can be used in toilet facilities, sun room, basement, poolside, villa courtyard and other leisure places. The Jacuzzi is only available for bathroom kits.
Secondly, there are more significant differences in function and efficacy.
In terms of function:
1. The spa pool can automatically heat the cold water to a preset temperature, and can maintain this temperature accurately and continuously. Make people worry-free and have a spa treatment anytime, anywhere. A more high-tech design can recover the hot air generated by the operation of the equipment and re-send it into the spa pool through the nozzle. It does not cool the pool water by sucking in cold air like other Jacuzzis use. Not a full spa effect.
2. The massage bathtub achieves massage through some jets that transmit water and air. The flowing hot water can relax the muscles and help to release the body's natural pain reliever - nephitide. In addition to maintaining the heat of the water, the strength and location of the water jet is another important factor that determines the massage effect. The jet force of the spa pool is 5-10 times that of the jacuzzi. There are as many as a dozen multi-function massage nozzles in different parts (refer to the functional system diagram of the spa bathtub). This is nothing compared to the Jacuzzi
3. The problem of cleaning and maintenance of bathtub and water quality is a problem that cannot be solved by jacuzzi for many years. After each use of the Jacuzzi, dirt will remain on the surface, which needs to be cleaned immediately. After a few days of not using the Jacuzzi, the sewage that remains in the pipes and equipment can develop bacteria, and the next time you use it, the bacteria will enter the Jacuzzi through the nozzles, invade your skin and cause damage. The unique comprehensive filtration and disinfection system of the SPA hydrotherapy pool completely solves this problem. It is composed of three parts: automatic 100% bypass-free filtration cycle; high-efficiency ozone disinfection; silver ion purification. Combined with regular use of special additives, the water in the spa pool will always be crystal clear.
4. The environmental protection and energy saving of the SPA pool are the icing on the cake. The unique integrated filtration and disinfection system of the spa pool is like a small water treatment and purification plant, which can keep the crystal clear pool water for up to 6-12 months. High-density, multi-layered, sealed thermal insulation for spa tubs, guaranteed to minimize energy consumption and noise. Versatile thermal insulation cover to protect valuable heat and energy. The electricity bill for basic operation in a day can be as low as 2-3 degrees, and the spa bath provides us with a first-class enjoyment of low energy consumption.

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