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Why should the jacuzzi be cleaned thoroughly for the first time?

Update:15 Aug
Thoroughly clean the jacuzzi for the first time
For families with large enough bathrooms, buying a jacuzzi is a good choice. There are spa jets arranged in clusters inside the bathtub. Through motor movement, water massage is performed on the parts that are prone to fatigue such as the back and waist of the bather to accelerate the speed. Blood circulation, active joints, etc.
While bathing in a Jacuzzi is a treat, there are some hidden health risks involved. Jacuzzi are prone to bacteria, so cleaning the tub is very important. In this regard, Shen Jingxin, business manager of Anhua Sanitary Ware, said that the Jacuzzi pipes are easy to breed bacteria. It is best to clean them thoroughly before using them for the first time. The most important thing is to clean the pipes.
Under normal circumstances, it is better to use neutral detergents for cleaning the cylinder. Neutral detergents are available in building materials supermarkets, and the price is relatively cheap. Avoid using detergents for tiles or enamel surfaces, and do not use them. Sprays or concentrates, as more aggressive cleaners can damage the tub's acrylic surface. Using baking soda to get rid of tub grime works well too.

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