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Ingenious design of various types of bathtubs

Update:08 Jul
To enjoy more bathroom time, many people divide their bathroom space at home. Designers suggest that if the bathroom area is about 10 square meters, you can arrange a dry area and a wet area. Less than 10 square meters, it is better to use a glass partition or the whole bathroom for a more rational partition design. For bathrooms.
Generally, a rectangular bathtub occupies more space. When choosing, you should first check if you can put it in the bathroom. Of course, generally speaking, such a bathroom space can be divided into dry and wet areas and ignored. Due to the effect of moisture, the depth, width, length and profile of the same bathtub will differ depending on the size you choose. If you are concerned about the depth of the water, you should increase the location of the drain. If the water depth is too low, when the water level exceeds this height, water flows from the sewer outlet to reach the required depth. If you have adults or small children in your household, it is better not to choose a bathtub that is too deep or too big.
At the same time, there are no skirts, one-sided skirts and two-sided skirts in the bathtub, so pay attention to the orientation of the skirt when buying. Depending on the location of the drain and the wall, decide whether to choose the left skirt or the right skirt. Otherwise, choosing the wrong one can cause a lot of installation problems.
Bath materials in the market are generally acrylic baths, steel baths, cast iron baths, ceramic baths and wooden barrel baths. Today, acrylic plastic bathtubs are mainstream in the market. It will not rust or corrode and is very lightweight. This bathtub is made of a thin material and is usually treated with glass fiber underneath. Vacuum method and 3 mm to 10 mm thick, it has the advantages of being warm to the touch, maintaining water temperature for longer and wiping easily. In addition, experts recall that the quality and thickness of the material is related to the hardness of the bath, which cannot be seen only by visual inspection. Push and step directly.

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