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How to prevent bathtub aging?

Update:01 Jul
1. Clean your tub every week and make sure your tub stays dry after each use.

2. To clean the bathtub, neutral liquid detergent and flexible cloth or good sponge can be used.
3. Do not use abrasive and highly alkaline cleaning supplies.
4. Avoid using dark detergents, as it is easy to cause pigments to penetrate into the tank surface.
5. Don't forget to turn off the faucet, so as not to cause the bathtub to accumulate water due to frequent dripping.
6. If there is any damage to the bathtub, you should immediately notify the relevant company to repair it, so as to prevent the problem from worsening.
7. Do not leave metal objects in the bathtub, they will make the bathtub rust and stain the surface.

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