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Is the jacuzzi ok?

Update:24 Jun
Is the jacuzzi ok?
①Automatic cleaning and disinfection
Everyone knows that it is very pleasant to lie in the bathtub and enjoy a sunbath, but it is very difficult to clean up afterwards. A Jacuzzi can help you at this point. The automatic cleaning and disinfection function of the jacuzzi: it can be easily cleaned and self-disinfected with only one command. This makes cleaning the bathtub easy and time-saving.
②Timed intelligent water intake
Do you always have to stay beside the tub, waiting for the water level to rise to the standard mark? Why bother? A jacuzzi can help you solve this problem. The timed intelligent water inlet function of the jacuzzi: just set a time on the smart device, and you are responsible for enjoying it when the time comes. This way you don't have to spend time in the water. Another is that the bathtub will automatically stop the water when the water level is full, which is more convenient.
③The water temperature is constant
After get off work dragging your tired body, do you really want to jump into the warm bathtub and enjoy a bubble bath to relieve the fatigue of the day? But it didn't take long for the water to get cold, which was really unpleasant. But the Jacuzzi can be heated when the water temperature changes, reaching a constant temperature, so it is no problem to soak for a long time. Which is the best multi-function bathtub controller? Of course it is Sanjun Electronics' bathtub controller series! Variety and complete, multi-function, good quality. The new H181 can also use the mobile app to directly control the bathtub, which is convenient for those who "do not leave the machine". If you want to know more, you can contact us~
④Rich multimedia
Tired of taking a bath? You can listen to the radio, listen to Bluetooth music, and flash underwater lights, which make the bath more interesting and more relaxing.
⑤ Fitness therapy
Modern people pay attention to fitness, because it can strengthen the physique. So have you heard of Bath Fitness? It's actually a fitness therapy feature in a Jacuzzi. As long as the water in the bathtub is injected with life, it can circulate automatically. If you look closely, you can find that there will be whirlpools in the water. Such high-pressure water circulation around the human body can achieve the function of spa fitness and relieve stress.
Isn't buying a bathtub just to be able to enjoy the comfortable bathing process? So as to relieve the stress of the whole body. Although an ordinary bathtub can do it, it is still much inferior to a jacuzzi. Therefore, the jacuzzi is undoubtedly a better choice, especially in summer, not to mention how comfortable it is to take a bath~

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