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Jacuzzi that can be perfectly combined with ordinary bathtubs

Update:21 Oct
Idea 1: Can be perfectly combined with ordinary bathtubs
The massage system is installed on the ordinary acrylic bathtub, so that the overall design style is harmonious and integrated, and it also meets the needs of family use in space. The "Meimante" series of bathtubs equipped with massage systems are novel and unique in design, and are available in two lengths: 1.5 meters and 1.7 meters, making family SPA comfortable and intimate.
Concept 2: Free combination of various massage methods
American Standard massage system has three different modes: bubble massage, hydro massage and dual system massage. Users can freely choose one, two or three combinations according to their needs. Different massage modes have different characteristics for different needs. Users choose the configuration according to their own needs, which not only saves costs, but also fully reflects their individual needs. This is another explanation of DIY: pay a price that they can accept, and create their favorite bathing experience.

Concept 3: Unique pumps are both safe and reliable
Technical safety and reliability is the worry-free guarantee of American Standard for the comfortable experience of home SPA. "Longitudinal Bath" series products use the latest "American Standard Pump", the comprehensive index is greatly improved, and the unique water level sensing device can avoid the situation of starting the pump without water and cause the pump to be burned out, and prolong the life of the pump .
Idea 4: Antibacterial and healthy for the whole family to use with confidence
While pursuing design style and safety, the bathtub also uses "Meikang" antibacterial new technology. The glaze of bathroom products adds unique antibacterial ingredients to lasting bacteria inhibition, effectively preventing harmful bacteria from growing on sanitary ware, and eliminating Bathroom smells. While protecting the health of the body, it also ensures that the service life of the sanitary ware is higher than that of ordinary sanitary ware.