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Four Keys to Buying a Jacuzzi

Update:24 May
Four Keys to Buying a Jacuzzi
Key 1: Nozzle
There are many nozzles on the cylinder wall and bottom of the massage bathtub, and it uses these nozzles to achieve the effect of massage. The basic jacuzzi includes at least 4 massage jets, the higher the level, the more jets. Consumers should understand the efficacy of nozzles and the efficacy of nozzle combinations when purchasing. At the same time, carefully check whether the joints of nozzles and pipes are tight to ensure safety.
Key 2: Motor
The motor is the heart of the jacuzzi, and the motor is installed in a hidden place. The easiest way for consumers to judge whether the motor is good or bad is to listen to the sound. When purchasing, you can connect the power supply, let the Jacuzzi work, and then listen carefully to the sound of the motor. If it is a good motor, there is no sound at all. Conversely, a poor motor can hear noise.
Key 3: Security
The Jacuzzi is an electrical appliance and safety is very important. Therefore, we must check the electrical safety certificate and electrical equipment safety certificate when purchasing products. See if you have European and American electrical safety certificates such as CE certification.
Key 4: hygiene and environmental protection
Jacuzzi is a household appliance, and hygiene and environmental protection are particularly important. The massage water flow of the massage bathtub is circulating water. The water in the bathtub contains chemical detergents added to clean the human body and highly rotten substances such as dead skin that falls off the human body. These highly rotten substances will adhere to the inner wall of the pipeline when passing through the circulating water flow pipeline. And dead corners, joints, etc., can not be completely removed during daily cleaning, and the dead skin and detergent left behind quickly decay into pathogenic bacteria and invade the human body with the water flow; therefore, a pipeless massage system must be used! In order to completely eliminate cross-infection, the unsanitary and unenvironmental sources of bacteria breeding in leftovers.

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