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How to choose a reliable jacuzzi?

Update:16 Sep
There are many bathtubs in our home life. Many villa owners will choose to configure a jacuzzi at the same time when purchasing a villa. Unlike ordinary bathtubs, jacuzzi is a luxury household electrical equipment. There are many brands of Jacuzzi on the market, and many villa owners do not have the time and energy to buy them. They usually entrust decoration or intermediary companies to buy them, which often cost a lot of money and are not affordable. Once there is a problem with the massage bathtub, these decoration companies will throw the problem to the bathtub manufacturer, and the manufacturer will refuse to sell the after-sales service because the after-sales contract has not been signed. The following editor will introduce you how to choose a reliable massage bathtub?
1. Bathtub material: don't choose composite plate! ! ! The plate is the most important part of the jacuzzi. The material of the jacuzzi is divided into pure acrylic and composite plates. The pure acrylic can be easily repaired when it encounters minor bumps (tip: you can squeeze a little toothpaste onto the wet rag) , and then draw a circle clockwise, so that the scratches can be repaired), and the composite sheet is only covered with a thin layer of acrylic on the surface. If it is accidentally bruised, the composite material below will be exposed. It's useless, it doesn't look good and it's easy to scratch the skin. When purchasing, you should also carefully observe the gloss, smoothness, thickness and style of the bathtub sheet, and compare them before purchasing according to your own preferences.
2. Look at the motor: the massage bathtub motor is hidden under the bathtub, and the general customers cannot see it, but when using the bathtub, especially when the multi-function high-power is used, the inferior motor vibrates loudly, giving people a sense of irritability; and good The brand motor is very quiet, the quality is good, the effect can be effectively guaranteed, and the failure rate is low. Special attention is: most motors will burn out if they are used in empty water!

3. Massage system: The massage system is the key to purchasing a massage bathtub (consisting of the visible nozzle in the cylinder and the pipes, motors, control boxes, etc. hidden behind the bathtub.) A good massage bathtub system can not only effectively solve the problem The drainage problem of the bathtub will not cause secondary pollution. The spout at the bottom of the massage bathtub and the small holes around it can play a massage role, and the water can circulate automatically, just like there are vortexes in the water. Use it as a hot spring.
4. Look at leakage protection: This water is very critical. Some products only have one leakage protection switch, which is easy to cause accidents, while good brands generally have two leakage protections, and double insurance can effectively solve security loopholes. You can ask the sales staff whether the water and electricity safety protection technology of the bathtub is reliable, and whether there is an electrical safety certificate, etc., one more guarantee and one more safety.
5. Look at the after-sales service: When purchasing a massage bathtub, the after-sales service promised by the manufacturer must be written into the contract to be guaranteed. Don't buy it through a decoration company, because you are afraid that no one will find it and buy a decoration.
If it is used indoors, before choosing a jacuzzi, you must have a detailed understanding of your bathroom space, including the size, pattern and layout of the product. In this way, you can determine its size and shape when choosing a jacuzzi, so that the decorated bathroom The space appears to be harmonious. If the jacuzzi is used outdoors in the villa, it is necessary to consider the placement method, whether it is embedded in the ground or placed directly on the ground, and whether to add a gazebo to cover it.

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