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Tips for Safely Using Your Tub

Update:10 Jun
1. The depth of the bathtub must be controlled. Preferably under 42cm, bathtubs with water levels above the heart can be dangerous, and shallow bathtubs are easy to get in and out of.
2. It is best not to have too many arcs in the bathtub itself, so that it is more stable to sit in it.
3. Take the child to take a bath, and keep your sight away from the child. Families with children should prepare a bathtub, which is cleaner and more convenient to wash. During the bathing process, don't take your eyes off the child. There was such a real case. Mama took a one-year-old child to take a bath in the bathtub, answered a phone call, and the child was drowned in the bathtub. Bloody lessons! !
4. The bathtub should be set with a safe water level to prevent slipping and drowning. Acrylic is originally glass, and it is easy to slip when it encounters water. If you add good lubricants such as soap or shower gel, it is conceivable that it is still unknown whether you can stand firm in the bathtub, so in the bathtub The bottom must be non-slip design. It is best to put a non-slip sticker on it.
5. If you need to shower in the bathtub and use a shower curtain, be sure to put the shower curtain on the inside of the bathtub. If it is placed on the outside, the water will flow out, causing the ground to be slippery; when it is placed on the inside, be careful that the shower curtain is not too long, otherwise it is very dangerous to step on it during the shower.
6. Remember to install grab bars for the bathtub. When entering and exiting the bathtub and getting up, it is most likely to be dangerous, so there must be handrails around the bathtub. And, determine if the product's grip is right for you before buying.
7. The towel bar cannot replace the armrest. The towel bar has a certain load-bearing limit, and its function is not strong enough to bear the weight of a person, and it has been repeated many times. Of course, if you buy a bathtub that is not equipped with grab bars, you can also install a pole next to the bathtub for better stability.
8. There should be no shelves above the bathtub. For example, putting a shelf on the bathtub is actually very dangerous. Not to mention when taking a shower, something on the shelf suddenly fell and hit someone. Even in normal times, if you accidentally drop something and hit the bathtub...it might be a hole that can't be repaired!
9. Appropriate measures should be taken, such as adding iron fences and wire mesh to seal the return port of the bathtub, so as to prevent the suction of the return port from possibly sucking and pulling clothes or causing drowning.

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