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What is a freestanding bathtub

Update:08 Apr
The bathtub is a must-have in our bathroom products. Nowadays, there are many kinds of bathtubs in our daily life, and the freestanding bathtub is one of the more popular ones in the past two years. So what is a freestanding bathtub? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a freestanding bathtub? The following decoration home decoration network editor will give you an answer one by one, I hope you can help after reading it.
What is a freestanding bathtub?
Independent bathtub, that is, the bathtub is placed directly on the bathroom floor, the inside and outside are clean, and there is no need to lean against the wall or place the bathtub independently in the bathroom. This method is convenient for construction and easy to overhaul, and is suitable for selection when the ground has been decorated. The freestanding bathtub has very high requirements on space, it needs to have a certain floor height, and at least a usable area of ​​more than 20 square meters, which is almost the same area as our living room or bedroom, so now such facilities in China are generally It will only appear in the villa.  spa bathtub manufacturers

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a freestanding bathtub?
Advantages of freestanding bathtubs: Freestanding bathtubs do not require masonry or even skirts, and their unique effects are sought after by avant-garde hipsters. Therefore, the price is naturally high, and it can easily cost 10,000 yuan in the market, not including the requirements for the bathroom area and the purchase of related products. But the comfort and freedom brought by the independent bathtub is something that ordinary bathing cannot give. In a broad sense, as long as the bathtub is separated from other items, it can be called a freestanding bathtub. Many Jacuzzis also fall under its category.
Disadvantages of a freestanding bathtub: The existence of a freestanding bathtub has its "harshness". It has high requirements for the bathroom area, its own installation, and the coordination with the surrounding environment, which is destined to be a luxury for some people. But its own excellent quality, unique posture, and inheritability are irresistible charms. Choosing it is not just a simple bathing tool, but a bathing culture. Its existence is not just to provide people with a space to bathe, it will become more attractive with the passage of time.